Young people who don’t use BBC can’t understand why they should pay licence fee – UK minister Adams

Young people do not understand why they should pay for the BBC when they do not use it, according to a culture minister.

Nigel Adams denied a Government consultation on decriminalising non-payment of the TV licence fee is an attempt to undermine the BBC when challenged by Labour in the Commons.

But he insisted a “broader conversation” is required on the licence fee as to whether it is the “correct model”, amid fierce Tory criticism of the broadcaster.

The minister added that research, which suggested a lack of recognition of the BBC compared to Netflix among younger people, should be an “eye opener for all of us”.

Mr Adams told MPs: “There will need to be a much wider and broader conversation going forward beyond 2027 as to whether the licence fee model is the correct model.

Conservative former minister Sir Mike Penning added: “The younger generation, which is not actually represented very well in this chamber, do not watch the BBC any more – so why should they pay tax?”

Mr Adams replied: “He makes a fair point, that’s why we’re having this consultation… younger people, especially people I’ve spoken to over the last year, don’t understand why they have to pay for a service that they don’t use.

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