President Biden arrives at G7 with warning on Northern Ireland – BBC News

The President of the United States has arrived in the UK ahead of a meeting with world leaders at the G7 summit this weekend.

Joe Biden’s first overseas trip as president begins with a meeting with Boris Johnson — and and a message that the trade row between the EU and the UK must not be allowed to endanger peace in Northern Ireland.

At the heart of that row is the Brexit agreement’s Northern Ireland Protocol which allows for border checks on goods going into the province from the rest of the UK.

UK ministers want those checks to end, arguing that they are leading to food shortages.

The European Commission has warned that the EU is ready to take resolute action if the UK fails to meet its obligations under the Northen Ireland protocol.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America editor Jon Sopel and political editor Laura Kuenssberg.

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