The Queen’s Speech begins 👑 The State Opening of Parliament 2021 🇬🇧 BBC

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The procession through Parliament begins with the sound of trumpets filling the Royal Gallery, as the Queen walks through to head to the House of Lords.

The Imperial State Crown is just ahead of where the Queen is walking, being carried on a cushion.

The Prince of Wales is holding the hand of Her Majesty as she walks through the room. The Queen takes her seat on the throne in the House of Lords. She tells peers in the chamber to be seated and gives the signal for MPs in the House of Commons to come in to the Lords to hear the speech.

Black Rod knocks three times on the door of the Commons to summon the MPs.

The door is opened, and at this point she asks for MPs’ presence during the Queen’s Speech.

As our Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg explains, there is a very different set up this year as MPs file from the House of Commons in to the House of Lords for the speech.

Normally the prime minister and the Leader of the Opposition would be making polite chit-chat, she says, but this year Keir Starmer has to walk a couple of metres behind Boris Johnson due to social distancing requirements.

The Queen’s Speech starts on health and social care

Huw Edwards presents live coverage of the Queen’s Speech from Westminster. A unique combination of pageantry and politics opens the first session of the new parliament, as Her Majesty the Queen outlines the government’s plans for the coming year.

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The State Opening of Parliament | 2021 | BBC

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